Ancient and Modern Backgammon Accessory

Backgammon accessory is as amusing as a bout of traditional or online backgammon. Some people actually even make an amusing and compulsive habit of collecting backgammon accessory.

Ancient backgammon accessory dating back from 3000 to 5000 BC has been discovered among the ruins of nobilities. These were important people of ancient kingdoms in Persia, Sumeria, and Ur. Some ancient backgammon accessory even dates back to the first ancient Egyptian civilization. These backgammon accessories were backgammon boards of fine hard wood topped with high-quality leather, with backgammon dice of ivory or bone. Backgammon accessory checker chips were also often of ivory or bone.

Today, various materials, that answer the different needs for the right "feel" to aid the mood for playing backgammon, make up backgammon accessory. From backgammon table frames and tops, to backgammon checker chips, dice and cubes. Table backgammon accessory like cup holders, small drawers, and chip racks are common for more convenient playing, and table tops are often inlaid with various surface vinyl for easy flipping or conversion of the backgammon accessory table for chess or checkers function.

Backgammon accessory tables may be of hard or light wood material, of the folding or permanent stand type, or metal type for durability and light weight features. Backgammon accessory table tops may be of felt or vinyl or leather. Backgammon accessory checker chips may be of plastic, galilith, ivory or coated synthetic acrylic. Backgammon accessory dice and cubes are of ivory.

Worthy of mention here is the material that most backgammon accessory checker chips are made of---galilith. This special plastic perfect for backgammon accessory checker chips is actually a by-product of processed milk coated with a little formalin. The result is a perfect jewelry-imitation piece that gives backgammon accessory checker chips the feel and look of elegance, yet for a cheap price. Galilith backgammon accessory chips are light-weight and come in various shades and colors apt for use of even the nobility.

Backgammon accessory dice and cubes often come in sets of 4-piece dice and cubes or doublers. They may also come with plastic or leather containers or cups in circular or oval shapes. Backgammon accessory wooden dice and cubes or doublers are also available in sets.

Of course, books, magazines on strategies and tactics, and bear off quiz cards are always part of backgammon accessory.

Backgammon accessories are fine and elegant items that make backgammon a posh game of skills, wit, luck, and taste. Backgammon accessory are really, in a sense, collector's items.