Backgammon Strategy: The Back Game

You can, and should, expect players to change their strategy whenever you play a game of backgammon. A player who has a flexible position will have the advantage of shifting from one strategy to another strategy. And when things really don't go your way, one strategy you might like to shift to would be a back game.

In more than one occasion, the back game has been described as the most intriguing backgammon strategy there is. It seems that it is really true for those who really understand it.

In spite of the strengths of this backgammon strategy, the back game still remains a bit unpopular. It might be due to the fact that when a backgammon player shifts to a back game this would mean that that player is really on the losing end or trailing miserably.

Another probable reason that makes the back game unpopular is the fact that the only way for players to win using this backgammon strategy is to hit late in the game. If you miss that chance to hit when executing a back game, it's a definite loss.

Before you decide to shift to the back game from your current backgammon strategy you should check out a few considerations first. The first consideration before you shift to this backgammon strategy would be how many points do you control on your opponent's home board.

If you hold more than one (at least two) point on your opponent's home board, then you have a good chance to turn things around using the back game. If ever we control only one point, then we ought to do something about it. That would definitely mean letting your checkers get hit and enter them from the bar.

It becomes a great way to trick your opponents into thinking they are winning by leaving blots on the board. And this also becomes a clear signal to you when your opponent is pulling off a back game.

Another thing you might like to consider before shifting to a back game is if you're behind on the pip count. When you're behind in the pip count there are more chances for you to hold your anchors on your opponent's home board. You would want to retain those anchors and hit while building your own home board when executing a back game.

The back game is an interesting backgammon strategy to master. Though the back game would require patience and nerves, it is a formidable strategy when executed correctly.

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