Never Hold Back in Playing Backgammon

Backgammon in English is a word derived from "back" and "gamen" which means game in Middle English. Backgammon requires skills like counting technique, strategies and probability for a winning play according to a roll of dice. A set of Backgammon is consists of a board, doubling dice cube, set of 15 checkers, dice cups and two pairs of dice. Backgammon is played by two players and it is usually setup from 10-30 seconds and played at least 5minutes up to 30 minutes. Player wins the game when all of his checkers are removed from the board.

Like the other casino games, Backgammon has many variants but share the same setup and plays. It is a board game not far from the family of earliest board games. In fact, Backgammon is the oldest board game in the history. Because of Backgammon's challenging traits, many have studied this game and came up with strategies like the popular chess game.

Backgammon originated from ancient Egyptians but resembled quite different although carries the same traits. Ancient Egyptians was followed by similar game in Iran's "Burnt City" as early as 3000 B.C. It has been evolved from this early age, to ancient Romans, ancient Mesopotamia and later developed into modern Backgammon of the modern age. This modern Backgammon was first played in France as early as 17th century, and has developed in Germany in 12th century. The history of Backgammon or its resemblance can be seen through early paintings and has been a part of the culture in early ages of development in entertainment.

Even though playing tables was prohibited by Elizabethan laws in 16th century, it has been promoted in 18th century and was very popular then with the help of publicity. The most recent development of Backgammon was in 1920s which started from New York City.

The basic setup of Backgammon is a track of 12 long triangles on each side of the board or so-called points. It is numbered 1 to 24 and connected through a horseshoe shaped like continuous track across one of the edge of the board. The players then move their checkers in opposing directions from 24 to 1-point.

Learn the basics of Backgammon and you will enjoy it with your partner. It is one of the games of chance but it also requires skill to achieve a winning game and be able to beat your opponent in terms of the checkers.