The Importance of the Backgammon Board

The board for the backgammon game is one of the most essential elements of the game. An ordinary person who has not played backgammon may see the board and get confused. At first sight the board is usually odd to many people. It may be a good board but the board is more than just an accessory. It is an important aspect of backgammon.

Backgammon boards have different elements. After buying the set you have to open this one first. Usually the basic elements with it are:

1. Checkers which totals fifteen. One set is colored black

2. Checkers which totals fifteen as well and are colored white.

3. A pair of dice colored white

4. A pair of dice colored black

5. A pair of shakers

6. Single cube used for doubling

Check if the above mentioned items are in your set. It is not possible to start the game with one of the elements missing. For example the dice are useless if you don't use it for its corresponding checkers.

The board for this game has a design with triangles on it. These are called the points. The board has twenty four points. There are four areas on the board which are called quadrants. A player should count the point so all checkers would be put in place accordingly.

Checkers should be positioned after the quadrants and points have been counted. Both players put checkers on the following:

1. Two checkers should be positioned on the twenty fourth points.

2. Five checkers positioned on the thirteenth point

3. Three checkers should be positioned on the eight point.

4. Five checkers should be positioned on the sixth point.

Be reminded that the initial point can be found on the end corner of the right part of the board. The last one can be found on the top corner on the same right part. These positions would vary and it would depend on where your opponent is sitting. The twenty fourth point of your opponent it would be found on the side opposing yours.

The cube used for doubling can cause confusion to a new player. This is the cube used to double the wagers. This is used when the players set stakes in order to win the game. The board has one bar which divides the player's side and the part considered out of the board. This is important since the concept of backgammon is to grab the opponent's checkers to your side. The player can only grab the checker if it is on the player's side. This move is called bearing off.

A board for the backgammon game is more than just an element. It is actually the basis of the game.