1. Adjusting Your Pip Count in Backgammon - The pip count is an indispensable tool in backgammon. For it to be accurate you should adjust your pip count to wastage. Knowing the sources of wastage in backgammon helps you paint a more accurate scenario using your pip count.
  2. Ancient and Modern Backgammon Accessory - Backgamon was often a game for the aristocracy. Today, it is a game for strategists. Backgammon accessory should, therefore, be of nothing less but the best material possible. Backgammon accessory, after all, has a lot to do with how a player's mood will carry on through the play.
  3. Backgammon Strategy: The Back Game - The back game has been called an intriguing backgammon strategy. Since strategies in backgammon often change during a course of a game the back game is great fall back in case things get out of hand.
  4. Backgammon Study: Three Shortcuts to Pip Counting - When we play Internet backgammon, our pip count's already showing in our game window unless the program we're using allows us to take it out. Counting pips is an essential skill in handling the doubling cube that's why it's important to be proficient in it when we're engaged in a live game. See three shortcuts to pip counting when pieces are positioned as split pairs, five in a row and in opposite points as well.
  5. Ceramic Backgammon Sets Are Pieces of Art - A backgammon set is an essential part of playing Backgammon.A ceramic backgammon set is a collector's item.It may also be displayed in a room.
  6. Different Aspects of Backgammon - There are many different aspects of backgammon that make it a really interesting game. The combination of tactics and strategy laced with a random element from the dice makes backgammon very appealing. Every aspect of the game is a reason why the game is really popular.
  7. Knowing Your Backgammon Equipment - In playing serious backgammon, one has to take extra care in his equipment. A good quality equipment in backgammon gives better playing.
  8. Never Hold Back in Playing Backgammon - Backgammon has many variants but share the same setup and plays.It is the oldest board game in the history.It is one of the games of chance but it also requires skill to achieve a winning game and be able to beat your opponent in terms of the checkers.
  9. Spring and Fortification Strategy: Backgammon's Best Strategy - Spring strategy and fortification strategy can also be combined to make a new strategy. The best thing to do is to observe the backgammon strategy your opponent picked and respond accordingly.
  10. The Fundamental Game Plans in Backgammon - There are other game plans in backgammon than that of a race. Any player can choose to play a phalanx, a cloak and dagger method, aggressive plays, or any other game plan available in this game. It may be just a matter of personal preference or a necessity for ingenuity.
  11. The Importance of the Backgammon Board - The board in backgammon is one of the most important elements of the game.The board is the basis for all the rules in the backgammon.
  12. The Three-Two Opening Roll - Things To Consider - There are a few options when dealing with the three-two opening roll in backgammon. Here are the player's favorite moves regarding this opening roll. Check each one out and see which one would fit your strategy.
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